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You should know the caliber of the attorney you are hiring from the onset before making that very important decision of hiring a lawyer.

Homeowners & Commercial Property Insurance

  • Hurricane claims / Irma claimsnting.
  • Denied, delayed or underpaid insurance claims.
  • Mold Claims / Mold Remediation.
  • Water Restoration / Assignment of Benefits Claims.
  • Representation for Examinations Under Oath.

15 Years of Experience in Various Case

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Neil's personal mantra is to always be: “Relentless, Informed and Prepared” for his clients.

What People Say

I strongly recommend the Law Office of Neil Singh. I've just go through a huge case of my very sick mother and Neil took on this case with a passion I've never seen before.

- by Klotzman Randy

I dont know what I would have done had I not had Neil Singh in my families corner. We had a life changing accident last year that would have turned our world upside down.

- by Diva M Rios

I had a situation with my homeowners where they denied my claim and then dropped me, Neil and his team were able to more than satisfy the requirements.

- by Bill Hoy

I hired Neil, Neil Filed a lawsuit and was able to recoup all the monies I paid out of pocket to make me whole again. Good representation is the key and Neil is a top notch professional.

- by Don Greenleaf


Providing legal representation in Florida, New York & New Jersey.